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G Co. /120th Infantry Regiment
Living History Unit

Our Impression

the Basic Impression

The G Company/120th Infantry Regiment Living History Unit strives to portray the average GI that served in an Infantry line company during World War Two.  Therefore, we attempt to replicate the look of that period and adjust our impression to the specific theater and time of deployment.  The 30th Infantry Division served in the ETO from June 10th, 1944 through May of 1945.  During this time of deployment, the 30th ID soldier's uniform and equipment changed slightly from their first engagement in June 1944 until the last months of the war in 1945.  It is our unit's intention to maintain strict authenticity standards to portray this unit as close as possible to the real unit it honors.

A majority of the re-enactment/living history events we attend are based on battles that occurred in the European Theater of Operations (ETO), Northern Europe, post D-Day (June 6, 1944.)  Therefore, our primary impression is that of the average line company GI serving in the ETO.  It is our intention that members of G Company are wearing the appropriate uniform and carrying the correct gear for that period and Theater.  On the occasion that G Company attends events outside of these usual parameters, we will adjust our uniform and equipment to suit the Theater and time-frame in order to maintain historical correctness.  Some examples of this would be if we attended events depicting combat actions in the Italian Mainland, Sicily or the invasion of Southern France (Operation Dragoon.)  For these events, G Company will depict the 45th Infantry Division.  In most cases this can easily be done by just re-patching our unit patch with the shoulder patch of the 45th Infantry Division.  When utilizing our secondary impression, the 45th Infantry Division, we will be portraying soldiers assigned to the 157th Infantry Regiment.


Unit Patch of the 45th Infantry Division


Distinctive Unit Insignia of the 157th Infantry Regiment

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