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G Co. /120th Infantry Regiment
Living History Unit

About Us

Our unit is new, and growing with members. We established G Company to bring together like minded people who are interested in the hobby of re-enacting WWII.  Our primary unit impression is based on a line company of National Guard infantry soldiers assigned to the 120th Infantry Regiment of the 30th Infantry Division.

We require that members have some level of physical fitness and can appear to represent an American GI who where physically fit.  However we do not discourage anyone from joining up .

Our unit will not tolerate any negative attitude towards the hobby, other members of the unit, nor our re-enacting community.  We are all working professionals and require a degree of professionalism and courtesy within our unit and the hobby as a whole. Those who can not abide by such a code of conduct will be asked to leave the unit.

If you wish to join or are just interested in checking us out, please go to

the "Contact Us" section.

We are located in Northern California and we are a Living History & Re-enactment Unit. Our parent club is the World War II Research & Preservation Society (WWIIRPS). We attend our parent club's events as well as the California Historical Group's (CHG) battle events.  We also attend other Living History Public Events throughout California.

Our goal is to have fun, learn history, honor our war veterans while accurately portraying a World War Two era American GI at battle re-enactments and living history events.  We wish to make friends and send a positive message to the general public and other members within the hobby.  We also strive to provide a good core unit in the field, creating an overall great first person experience.

As a unit, we wish to grow and establish an overall excellent appearance, researching and applying actual wartime experiences. It is the goal of all re-enactors and living historians to create a "back in time" feeling to experience the era they portray first hand. We welcome all re-enactors and living historians interested in World War Two history to check us out.

While we would like to be able to invite everybody into G Company, there are some conditions that must be met for full membership.  There is a 1 year, or 3 battle probationary period.  We reserve the right to accept or dismiss any member deemed unsuitable.  We are looking for like-minded individuals that are interested in developing a true sense of camaraderie with our unit members and who can bring honor upon our unit, our hobby and the veterans we portray. 

Anyone with a negative, nasty, vulgar or an overly aggressive attitude towards other members of the unit, our hobby or the general public, will be immediately dismissed from this unit.

Unit Guidelines


·         You must be at least 18 years of age

·         You must not have a felony criminal record and be legally capable of owning a firearm

Participating in re-enacting events can be a strenuous physical activity that requires the participant to be in good general health.  Ask yourself the following questions:

·         Can you lift 50 lbs?

·         Can you walk 1-2 miles?

·         Can you wear 20-25 lbs of gear?

·         Do you have any physical conditions or health issues that may cause you difficulty in a wilderness


The hobby of re-enacting is a fun and educational environment, but it is not for everybody. G Company is organized and operated as a military unit.  This is not only essential to maintain the visual accuracy of the unit as we portray World War Two era soldiers, but it also helps our members stay safe and we exhibit proper behavior within the hobby.  We ask you to work as a team, take orders, have good manners, exercise good sportsmanship, be helpful, contribute to the unit, put in hard work, be responsible of equipment and vehicles, respect officers, and behave in a safe and conscientious manner. 


We expect our members to have pride in themselves and in our unit by following the rules, co-operating with others and help towards the goal of making this a fun an rewarding hobby. Most importantly, we strive to the honor the American soldier, which we portray.

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